Moving Past 3 Main Distractions

You’re focused on achieving your goals, but maybe it’s not happening the way you thought it might. Even if you know where you want to go and you’re ready to live your best life and do accomplish great things in the business world, there are some things you may not realize are holding you back. Let's discuss three big distractions you probably don’t realize are impeding your progress.

  1. Not Looking After Number 1

Are you making your health a priority? Are you working impossible hours? When was the last time you took a day off? Or went to the gym? Or took a vacation? Do you get enough sleep each night? If you want to smash those goals, you need to be in peak condition. Take a good hard look at how you're treating your best assets: your mind, body and spirit.

Make your physical well-being a priority. Pare back your checklist and make time for exercise, fresh air, and downtime. Make sure you’re making healthy choices, taking the time to eat proper meals, and not just grabbing food on the run.

  1. Staying in Your Comfort Zone

As discussed in a previous blogpost, sometimes success requires you to step outside your comfort zone and do things differently. If you’re focused on getting ahead, it's easy to stay with what has worked in the past. But it's okay, even necessary, to be flexible and risk thinking not outside the box, but as though there is no box if you want to make that leap and reach real success.

Old ways of thinking and doing things can lead to stagnation and lower your energy. If you’re feeling bored and frustrated, it’s time to try a different approach.  Think of how you could switch things up a bit and find some new pathways to reach your goal.

  1. Being a Perfectionist

One of the biggest roadblocks to success is having unrealistic expectations of yourself. Take a look at your current personal and professional goals. Are you stretching yourself too thin? Are you trying to be a successful entrepreneur or executive, an A+ student, and a perfect parent?

It's time to cut yourself some slack and acknowledge that it's not humanly possible to do everything correctly. Neither is it desirable! Where are the opportunities for learning and personal growth in being perfect? Perfection is overrated, unachievable and just a coverup for fear of progressing.

So, aim for 'good enough' and a happy, balanced life. Work out what you want to do and let go of the rest. Get a housekeeper or a virtual assistant and learn to delegate!



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