The Value of Your Customer List

You’ve heard the phrase “the money is in the list”. In other words, your subscribers have value. I want to share one particular type of list with you that’s a lot more valuable than any other. That list is your customer list. These are the people that have already spent money with you. And guess what, they are the most likely to do so again and again and again. That’s what makes them one of your most valuable business assets.

Over the course of this series on following up, we will look closely at this sub-group of your subscribers, figure out how to get more of them, and I'll challenge you to look through your site, your emails, and your funnel and work on more opportunities to mail them regularly going forward. Let’s now take a quick look at what makes these people so special to you and your bottom line.

Customers are people that already trust you. If your product or service provides great value to them (which it should), they also like you because you have helped them solve a problem. Over the course of consuming the product/service and being part of your funnel, they also get to know you better. In short, these are the people that know, like, and trust you the most when it comes to your business. This means they are more likely to buy something else you recommend. This could be your own product or something you’re promoting as an affiliate.

When you mail an offer to your customer list, you can expect a much higher conversion than with any other list. With a regular offer, a 2% conversion of visitors to sales is often what you expect. When mailing to your list of subscribers, you can often double or even triple that conversion. With a customer list, you can expect to see conversions of 30% or higher depending on how targeted the offering is. That’s a huge bump in conversion. It doesn’t take a lot of customers to make a good number of sales. That’s why this is the list you should work on growing the most.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Customers are your most loyal audience. They are more likely to spread the word about you and defend you online. They aren’t afraid to sing your praises. Treat them well and you’ll have a steady supply of free word-of-mouth advertising and testimonials to create valuable social proof.

How do you get more customers? By adding a low-cost product to your funnel and constantly promoting it to the rest of your list. Make it your #1 goal to grow your customer list. Create something of value that relates to your opt-in offer and promote it on your “thank you page”, in your first few emails and occasionally throughout. Work on converting a portion of your email subscribers into customers right away.

What can you do today to work on growing your very own customer list?

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