Resources and Relationships

There is something to be said about the connection between resources and relationships in business. (Actually, there is quite a bit to be said ... but for brevity's sake, we'll just hit the high points today)

When a business/brand extends itself by offering valuable resources to its audience, especially those that are free, it serves two purposes: (1) giving potential customers an idea of what to expect when doing business with them; and (2) strengthening the relationship with existing customers.

For example, I recently attended a live virtual masterclass hosted by someone I have done business with for many years. They are already well-established in their niche and known for being generous with their offerings. The class was value-packed and highly engaging. When it came time to extend the paid offer, it was a no-brainer for the majority of attendees.

Why was this so successful?

The well-prepared content shared with the class (resources) served to highlight the host's knowledge and expertise to the newbies and remind the rest of us why we have consistently supported this business (relationship).

There are many small business owners and entrepreneurs who understand this concept and practice it consistently. If you've not yet given this [proven] strategy a try, consider what you can offer to potential and current clients that can help them immediately and keep you top-of-mind when making future paid offers.  When used correctly, your business will experience increased retention, referrals and revenue, which is what GratitudeSpeak with Marcia Whyte remains committed to providing to you.

To that end, click this link for a FREE case study on ways to further serve your clients well.

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