Digital Minimalism: Its Benefits

With most of the world now quarantined at home, there are many more opportunities to catch up on emails, take new courses, purchase new digital products, start a business, etc. It can very quickly become overwhelming, resulting in nothing of substance or value being accomplished. Coupled with the frustration of being unable to move freely outside of our home, we are at risk for not accomplishing much if anything. This is where Digital Minimalism can become valuable.

What is Digital Minimalism and Why is It Beneficial

Minimalism has been trending in all forms: from the contents of our wardrobe to our entire house. Attention is now turning to digital minimalism and why it is important. Here we take a look at this concept and everything you need to know about it, including why it is beneficial.

What is digital minimalism?

Digital minimalism refers to a philosophy that focuses on the mindful use of technology. It is all about having a mindset where we question the value of different technologies and communication tools, whether it be social media, certain apps or general internet use, to better understand what actually provides value to our life.

We all know the hours that can be wasted on mindless scrolling. Digital minimalism is a concept that aims to address this issue, helping us to think about our actions and the purpose of technology. The idea is that every app, message or website we engage with should serve a purpose in our life, rather than simply being a time filler.

Why is digital minimalism beneficial?

a) It frees up our time

Digital minimalism challenges us to only use technology when we need to and for a particular purpose. This helps us to stop wasting time scrolling or searching or swiping simply because our phones/devices are there. It is hard to deny the technology addiction when you see it everywhere. Enter a café and most people will at least have a phone on the table if they aren’t interrupting their conversation by looking at the screen. Take a walk down a busy street or sit on a crowded train and most people will have earphones on, engaged in their own music, movie or podcast. We need technology to operate in the current environment, but if we can remove the time wasted on technology, we will be able to free up a lot of time.

b) It helps us to become more productive

Digital minimalism helps us to use technology for a particular purpose. Minimizing distractions helps us to maintain focus on the task at hand, increasing our overall productivity. In a world where time is limited, it can only be a positive thing that we get more done in a specific time frame.

c) It can improve our mental wellbeing

Technology can be constant and overwhelming. While it promotes connection, it can actually result in the opposite. Limiting our technology use through digital minimalism can help us to feel less isolated, more in control and happier overall. It's at least worth a try, don't you think?

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