Don’t tell it all at once

Conversations are a two-way street.  When you’re at networking functions, do people tend to verbally vomit on you when you ask what they do? Or is it you who gives the long soliloquy? Well, let me tell you a secret … that’s not the point of the question. It is a polite inquiry. They are asking you something specific.

What is it they are asking for? Thank you for asking.  They are asking for a snapshot, a concise summary of what it is you do for the marketplace. How do you show up? What is your zone of genius/expertise?

Here’s what happens when you tell everything all at once … people get so overwhelmed that they don’t want to do business with you.

People need to feel special and like they’re the center of attention in the conversation. They crave the exclusivity. FOMO is real. Make them say, “Tell me more.”

Give people the opportunity to ask more questions. You can usually gauge their interest by how many questions they ask as well as the type of questions they’re asking.

Here’s a business nugget:  If you approach someone about what you do, and they don’t seem extremely interested, then they have self-qualified as not being your target market. Don’t push them because they will ultimately be a waste of your time and resources.

Business nugget #2…if you try to sell to everybody, then you’re not going to sell to anybody. Everyone does not need or want what you offer in the marketplace ... at least not right then and there. And if you are perceived as pushing a sale on to them, they will never think favorably of you.

Business nugget #3 … have you heard of an elevator speech? It is a short description that explains what the idea, product, company, or person is and their value in such a way that any listener can understand it in a short period of time (typically 10-15 seconds). This is how you answer the question, “Who are you and what do you do?”

So the next time you are out networking or even having a casual business-oriented conversation, remember: Don't tell it all at once!

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