Same coach — new business

Sometimes opportunities present themselves quite unexpectedly, and in retrospect, the timing can actually be perfect if you’re paying attention.

It has been said numerous times that entrepreneurs should have multiple streams of income.  Accordingly, in response to the numerous compliments received on my jewelry worn during my weekday morning business broadcast on Facebook,  I have started a new business.

This in itself is a form of customer service as I am responding to viewer’ feedback. I am still doing my business/client experience coaching, but have seized the moment and now offer tangible products under a new brand.

This is an interesting path on my entrepreneurial journey because I have never gone in this direction. By faith, I am stepping into unchartered territory. But then again, not really, as any new venture can be considered a leap of faith.

When you started your newest professional venture, whether it was opening a business or starting a new position at a company, it’s considered unchartered territory. To determine if it was truly the correct plan of action, you must stick with it “more than five minutes”.

So many people in business, whatever role they play, don’t give anything their everything; hence, failure is inevitable. But it doesn’t have to be the case.

As a business coach, some of the questions I ask clients at the beginning (and during our work together) is “What do you see this idea leading to? How long do you expect it to take? How much effort are you willing to put forth? When will you know it’s all worth it?”

I’m now posing these questions to you and adding one more: What feedback have you been ignoring or postponing taking action on that could lead to greater profitability and client engagement?

To see what my new brand is about, check out my new website:

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