Latte isn’t just a hot drink!

Everyone in business, whether you're the owner, CEO, or hold another position on the team, has had to deal with a stressful customer situation. It may have been getting an order wrong, a late delivery, a broken [digital] link, or an irate customer with no recognizable trigger.

If you do not have a gameplan in place empowering your staff to address these and other scenarios, consider this great acronym initiated by Starbucks: The LATTE Customer Service Method.

          L = Listen to the customer

          A = Acknowledge their complaint

          T = Take action by solving the problem

          T = Thank them

          E = Explain why the problem occurred

While it is brilliant in its simplicity, it does require proper training. Consider how to approach a customer who is in a rush versus one who simply requires more personal attention. You can practice with employees in a myriad of different scenarios until they can both anticipate and handle any incident.

The beauty of instituting a similar philosophy is not only a team empowered to address customer concerns but when your brand representatives feel heard and included in this type of hands-on decision-making process, loyalty and job satisfaction increase... often without necessarily having a salary [increase] conversation. Promoting this type of culture is a win-win for your brand and those you are called to serve.

And it’s worked. Since the LATTE system was implemented, employee turnover has decreased, customer satisfaction is up and profits are over $1 billion a year. Just something to think about over your next fancy cup of java!

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