Engagement: The Hub of Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Customer Lifecycle Marketing is a model centered around engagement. It involves three phases – Attract, Motivate, Delight – with engagement at its core.

As you go about meeting your customers wherever they are in their buying journey, and addressing their needs, you need to keep them engaged. You can do this by inspiring them to take action, interact with your brand, and communicate with you directly.

Start Off On the Right Foot

Welcome each new person to your brand by giving them a friendly and personal greeting.  Let them know what you have to offer and take a minute to get to know them too. Make sure they understand that you’re always open to their feedback and tell them how they can most easily reach you with questions or comments.

Strike Up Conversations

When you share content on your blog or social media platforms, always aim to start a conversation. If you’re sharing tips in an article, end it by asking people what ideas have worked for them. Write social media posts that ask a question or seek ideas and opinions. These will get people talking and engaging with you and other audience members.

Communication is a Two-Way Street

Give your audience plenty of ways to contact you both publicly and privately. Be responsive, answering messages or responding to social media comments as quickly as possible. When people know you’re there, they’re more likely to engage with you. When you make it easy to do business with you, it exponentially increases the likelihood that potential customers will do just that.

Give Your Audience Something to Do

Engagement means giving people something to do. Rather than just consuming your content, they can interact with it. You can make your content interactive by offering surveys, games, challenges, and so on. Explore the interactive features of the platforms you use.

Know Your Audience Well

Get to know your audience as well as possible so that you understand their tastes and what motivates them. This way, you can ask the right questions to get them talking or offer a game or quiz that entertains them.

Sharpen Your Writing Skills

Learn to write in a way that inspires excitement or curiosity. Create headlines that get people to click through, and write content that keeps them reading until the very end. The more people consume your content, the more they’ll engage with you.

Don’t Promote Yourself

Leave the sales and promotional speech out of your engaging content. If people feel like you’re just pitching something to them, they’re more likely to shut you out. Focus purely on getting your audience interacting with each other and save the selling for a more appropriate time.

Over-deliver to Delight

When you delight someone, you blow them away by exceeding their expectations. This is great for building a relationship with you, but it also gets their attention and keeps them engaged.

Remember that your audience members aren’t just numbers. If you want to build strong relationships with them and succeed at Customer Lifecycle Marketing, you need to reach people on a personal level.

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