Don’t waste this pandemic!

Every now and then you hear something that resonates so deeply that you have to share it with others. Recently I was listening to a news clip featuring Robert F. Smith, the billionaire who delivered the 2019 commencement address to Morehouse College and gifted the entire graduating class by paying off all of their student loan debt … then challenged the alumni to follow suit with other classes. He said We don't need to waste this pandemic!

That stuck with me because one of the most visible signs we now see is tape on the floors of stores measuring how far we are to stand from one another when waiting to check out. Many also have arrows directing us which way to proceed down the aisles so as to diminish the amount of traffic and keep the flow of customers moving.  This is an example of PHYSICAL distancing ... but when it comes to SOCIAL distancing, this pandemic is an excellent opportunity to get to know our customers/clients more intimately.

Establishing deeper communication and listening with more intention to take the best parts of those conversations and survey answers to create needed products/services is what we should be concentrating on. Inviting them to online meeting rooms for discussions, creating (or enhancing) loyalty programs, brainstorming with team members and/or industry colleagues to host virtual events and share best practices are just a few ways we can implement in our commitment to NOT waste this pandemic!

Granted this is unchartered territory for all of us but many great discoveries were made during times of crisis: both the inverse law of gravitation and calculus were born out of a pandemic.

This is a test for us as entrepreneurs, business owners, and brand managers to really up our use of social media and other technology to strengthen, deepen, enhance, and even begin relationships, which is the foundation of any business. When a relationship is strong, people have a natural affinity/desire to continue doing business with you, refer business to you and promote your brand.

Given all the technology available to us to communicate, calculate, and create ... surely there are fantastic ways not yet imagined or explored to serve your existing book of business and team during this pandemic. DON'T WASTE IT!!!

Click here to schedule a call so we can brainstorm with you on ways to more effectively and profitably create a greater client experience. Those you serve and who serve along with you will benefit greatly ... as will your bottom line.

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