Commit to Your Community

Right now, major brands are doing everything within their power, resources, and budgets to show a commitment to the communities that have faithfully supported them. From major hotels offering complimentary rooms to first responders and others fighting on the COVID-19 pandemic's front line, to major hygiene/beauty product companies donating millions of dollars to food relief efforts, etc.  It's not only a noble gesture ... it's also smart marketing.
Because people are seeking good news and kindness in this bad situation ... and they are paying attention to the companies who are stepping up to do their part right now. They are watching how brands show their values and culture through the efforts they are making to support those in their communities who are in need. These brands have made plenty of profit over the decades they have been in business ... and now they are giving back BIG TIME!
Reinvesting in the communities that have ensured their longevity and profitability is a phenomenal way to be of service. It's not rocket science but merely the next logical step to maintaining relevance and cementing the relationships necessary to continuing to be top-of-mind and fostering goodwill. The 'good neighbor' mindset these brands are presently operating in will stay in the minds of consumers long after the pandemic (and it will pass). Buying decisions are being made and brand allegiance is being formed right now because of how companies are stepping up and serving.
So here's the question:  Do you have the courage to commit? 
There really is no brand/business too small to make an impact and serve their community. Letting your heart show is what matters most right now.
Whether it's sponsoring lunch for your local hospital's emergency department, donating from your stockpiled abundance of hygiene or personal care items, sharing free or low-cost resources with families who are still figuring out the unanticipated homeschooling conundrum, the possibilities and opportunities are endless.  You just need to decide what is the most viable way for you, personally and professionally, to answer the call to serve your community.
To discuss in more detail what that can look like for you and let [potential] customers see how your values align with theirs, schedule a call with us via this link.
Committing to your community is going to help everyone make it through because we are always stronger together!

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