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Jumpstart Your Workplace Joy!

There are times when working at our craft, no matter how powerful we are in our zone of genius, it's hard to keep the excitement, momentum, and joy we had at the beginning of the journey. If you are a solopreneur, it can be especially difficult, as there's no one around to bounce ideas off…

Moving Past 3 Main Distractions

You’re focused on achieving your goals, but maybe it’s not happening the way you thought it might. Even if you know where you want to go and you’re ready to live your best life and do accomplish great things in the business world, there are some things you may not realize are holding you back.…

Where the Sales Funnel Ends, the Customer Lifecycle Extends

The point where the customer makes up their mind and buys your product isn’t the end of your journey with them. It’s only the beginning. This is the key principle behind Customer Lifecycle Marketing. It’s an approach that builds an authentic relationship with customers where businesses meet their needs every step along the way. The…

Let Your Customer Experience Evolve As A Story

Ther are two ways to share knowledge: You can PUSH information out or you can PULL them in with a story!  The best [and most memorable] way to think about the customer experience is as a story after all, that is how your customer should experience it. The story starts with their first contact with…

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