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Resources and Relationships

There is something to be said about the connection between resources and relationships in business. (Actually, there is quite a bit to be said ... but for brevity's sake, we'll just hit the high points today) When a business/brand extends itself by offering valuable resources to its audience, especially those that are free, it serves…

Get a good read on client satisfaction

If you don’t hear any complaints from your clients, you might assume that they are satisfied with your service or product. But are they really satisfied or just non-confrontational and looking for another coach/service provider behind your back? It's important to know the answer and that can only come from your client. The easiest way…

CRM: The Ultimate Team Player

Staying organized is paramount if you want to run a successful business, especially if you have multiple clients. Investing in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software program is one such way to stay organized while building your client relationships. In its simplest form, a CRM program is similar to an online address book, or an…

The Value of Client VIP Days

All of your clients want to feel special and you should absolutely treat them all as if they are VIPs, but if you want to increase your income quickly while also helping your most motivated clients reach their goals faster, adding VIP days into your coaching schedule is the way to go. What is a…

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