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Are your clients on your Valentine’s list?

Traditionally, Valentine's Day conjures up visions of hearts, chocolates, roses, and cards with loving sentiments. Often there is a romantic dinner scenario for grownups and teddy bears and candy for the kids. However and with whomever, you celebrate the day, it's a very special and memorable time. But what about in the business sector? How…

Be all ears for your clients

If you’re a coach or other service provider, you better be a good listener. You need to hear what your clients say; no daydreaming allowed. Yes, you need to have expertise to help them work through their problems or to improve their mindset but you won’t know which advice to offer if you don’t listen…

Get a good read on client satisfaction

If you don’t hear any complaints from your clients, you might assume that they are satisfied with your service or product. But are they really satisfied or just non-confrontational and looking for another coach/service provider behind your back? It's important to know the answer and that can only come from your client. The easiest way…

Workplace kindness matters!

With so much emphasis in the last few years focused on how often millennials change jobs, (43% plan to leave their current jobs within two years and only 28% have plans to stay beyond five years), it has become more necessary than ever to commit to fostering a workplace culture that entices people to stay. So what are some…

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