Who is your business about?


I’m not asking about your ideal client. That’s not the question this morning. The question is WHO is it about?

The answer is a four-word sentence. IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU.

We sometimes forget that as small business owners. Yes, we have payroll; yes, we have quotas; yes, we have people to serve; and yes, we have benchmarks to meet. I get that. However, your business/brand is about WHO YOU SERVE.

What does that mean? It means we sometimes get so caught up pushing our agendas on our customers that we push what we want the customer to have instead of meeting the customers’ needs. There is a difference between a WANT and a NEED.

Once you satisfy the NEED your customer has, you can give your customer what they WANT. What they think they want is not always what they need. They’re related but not the same.

Put yourself in the place of your customer. Would you work with a company whose people make it all about them instead of all about you?

Know your mission, vision, and values for your business/brand. KNOW WHO YOU SERVE.

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