Where the Magic Happens!

We’ve heard a lot about getting out of our comfort zone. But have you ever thought about why you should? After all, our comfort zone is where we feel in control and safe. It’s where we can predict what will happen and how we will feel. There won’t be any surprises that we can’t deal with.

So why would you feel compelled or even want to get out of your comfort zone? Because getting out of it is the key to your personal growth, professional success and happiness. Stepping out of that zone helps you build up your self-confidence, the way you view yourself, and the way others may view your brand.

Those who know me are well aware of my allegiance to Walt Disney's quote: "Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well, that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again. And they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do!"  I imagine for some folks to show up full throttle, can seem a bit daunting. Some marketing methods and sales conversations are outside of your comfort zone ... but that really is where The Magic happens!

Is being stuck in your comfort zone holding you back from living a fulfilled life and/or  growing your brand? The answer is YES! Staying in your comfort zone, not doing the things which challenge you greatly, is keeping you from realizing and achieving all that is possible. It's causing the people who need you to show, from discovering you and your brand of genius. It also keeps you from being challenged and having to rise to new occasions.

Here are 3 ways staying in your comfort zone is holding you back.

  1. Growing Personally. When you are afraid of something, staying in your comfort zone keeps you from facing that fear. Then you suffer from it forever or until you finally face it. You stay away from situations that would put you in a position of having to face the fear in order to overcome it.

For example, your fear of public speaking keeps you from taking a job that requires you to speak in front of others, even though it’s a step up on your career ladder. Or your fear of livestreaming on social media keeps your potential clients and collaboration partners from seeing you deliver the goods in real time.

  1. Being Happy. Maybe you struggle with self-confidence and self-esteem issues. These problems can grow unless you take steps outside your comfort zone to begin addressing them. Stepping outside of the familiar helps you build belief in yourself.

When you are confident and have good self-esteem, you are happier. For example, if you’re not confident in your abilities, you tend to stay in your comfort zone instead of trying something new. This drags down your confidence, making you feel less competent and unhappy. This spills over into how you show up and serve in your marketplace space. People connect with those who not only have a good message ... but deliver it well.

  1. Feeling trapped, frustrated and magicless. Often our comfort zone keeps us continuing with bad habits out of fear. You might want to be more active, expand your brand exposure, participate in a virtual summit, launch a new program. To accomplish any of these means reaching outside yourself and your comfort zone.

For example, if you want collaboration opportunities, you have to slide into someone's inbox with a well-written message that shows how it will benefit them. Starting that conversation, drafting the message, taking the chance on being rejected or ignored may have you shying away via the excuse "they probably have all the connections and opportunities they can handle right now". But if you don't take the chance, you'll never discover just how valuable your gifts, talents, goods and services are for additional audiences ... because you have lost your belief in MAGIC!

Let that stop today ... right now ... as you read this! Everyone out here is doing something afraid. Every one of us who shows up consistently must believe that the spark of magic we bring to the business sector we serve is a necessary component to a bigger picture. Stop denying the magic inside of you. Consider again, Walt Disney: No one saw his vision that an animated drawing of a rodent would bring people happiness. Nor did anyone else share his confidence when he bought swampland in Florida back in the mid-1900's. But if he had not believed in magic ... stepped out of the path of naysayers (inside and outside), millions of people would never have experienced The Magic Kingdom nor the [world-renowned] Disney Leadership Institute. We need your magic ... it's outside of your comfort zone ... and we're waiting for you to share it!


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