National Employee Appreciation Day

Everyone likes a celebration ... especially if it's in their honor. Your employees are no different; remember, they're people too. Consider how much joy you feel when recognized by someone who has your best interest at heart.

As the saying goes, "A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected." This applies heavily to your business team. There is a direct correlation between happy, engaged employees and satisfied, repeat customers.

As previously reported by, a University of Warwick study found that happiness results in a 12% spike in employee productivity. The study also found that unhappy workers were 10% less productive than the average. In a nutshell, happy employees are more likely to exceed expectations, achieve goals, and perform at higher rates than unhappy employees are.

Given this is the first Friday of March, designated as National Employee Appreciation Day, it stands to reason that doing something special for your team will benefit the workplace culture and spill over into creating a great customer experience.

Years ago, when I was a paralegal at a global law firm, anyone that was not an attorney there, received a special gift every year. Some were practical; others more extravagant, but it was always nice to be remembered with an item from [Tiffany's]. Though the years have long since passed, the same feelings exist today: Positive recognition and appreciation are always welcome.

How will/did you honor your employees? If nothing comes to mind, here is a resource to help with that. #YouAreWelcome 🙂

P.S. Don't just make it about a nationally-designated day. Create and cultivate your brand culture so that your staff will always represent you, and serve your customers, well.

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