Workplace kindness matters!

With so much emphasis in the last few years focused on how often millennials change jobs, (43% plan to leave their current jobs within two years and only 28% have plans to stay beyond five years), it has become more necessary than ever to commit to fostering a workplace culture that entices people to stay. So what are some…

CRM: The Ultimate Team Player

Staying organized is paramount if you want to run a successful business, especially if you have multiple clients. Investing in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software program is one such way to stay organized while building your client relationships. In its simplest form, a CRM program is similar to an online address book, or an…

The Value of Client VIP Days

All of your clients want to feel special and you should absolutely treat them all as if they are VIPs, but if you want to increase your income quickly while also helping your most motivated clients reach their goals faster, adding VIP days into your coaching schedule is the way to go. What is a…

More on Jumpstarting Joy

(This is Part 2 of this two-part series... ) Last week we shared the importance of keeping joy in our workplace environment ... especially if we regularly work without the presence of others. Since there's no one to converse or interact with, we must be proactive in our quest to not grow stagnant as it…

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