Customer Lifestyle Marketing: A Good Approach to Managing Relationships

“There is only one boss: The Customer. And (s)he can fire everyone in the company, from the chairman on down, simply by spending their money somewhere else.” Sam Walton Customer Lifecycle Marketing is an approach to managing your relationships with your customers that visualizes the entire experience a person has with your business from the…

Are Your Customers Vacationing With Your Competition?

What happens if a customer's experience with your company isn't aligned with your stated core values? It usually results in the customer heading somewhere else. Let's say that a customer buys from a company's whose stated core value is to put the customer first always. There's a problem with the product the customer bought but…

Let Your Customer Experience Evolve As A Story

Ther are two ways to share knowledge: You can PUSH information out or you can PULL them in with a story!  The best [and most memorable] way to think about the customer experience is as a story after all, that is how your customer should experience it. The story starts with their first contact with…

Emotions in the Customer Experience Are Vital

It has been said, "People buy emotionally and justify logically!".  The journey a customer takes with your company is very emotional. Emotion plays a key role in the customer experience and you should take it into consideration when mapping and planning your customer experience. Why Emotions Are Important Emotions are important because they are most…

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