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Girl Scout’s Song Really Nails Customer Experience

Back in the days of being a Girl Scout, we always sang a song, which I’d forgotten about until a friend mentioned it in a recent online class. It really struck a chord (pun intended).  The lyrics are: Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. This is the…

Don’t waste this pandemic!

Every now and then you hear something that resonates so deeply that you have to share it with others. Recently I was listening to a news clip featuring Robert F. Smith, the billionaire who delivered the 2019 commencement address to Morehouse College and gifted the entire graduating class by paying off all of their student…

A bit about life’s obstacles

Being challenged in life is inevitable; being defeated is optional.  Roger Crawford If you are facing some life challenges, it can be hard to remember that it’s normal to have them crop up from time to time. Everyone has setbacks, disappointments, and tough times. But going through a rough patch doesn’t have to spoil your…

Commit to Your Community

Right now, major brands are doing everything within their power, resources, and budgets to show a commitment to the communities that have faithfully supported them. From major hotels offering complimentary rooms to first responders and others fighting on the COVID-19 pandemic's front line, to major hygiene/beauty product companies donating millions of dollars to food relief…

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