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Engagement: The Hub of Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Customer Lifecycle Marketing is a model centered around engagement. It involves three phases – Attract, Motivate, Delight – with engagement at its core. As you go about meeting your customers wherever they are in their buying journey, and addressing their needs, you need to keep them engaged. You can do this by inspiring them to…

Social Proof – Multiplying the Effects of Your Customer Lifecycle Marketing

An essential part of Customer Lifecycle Marketing is seeking feedback from your audience. This feedback can be used not only for your own data analysis but also as social proof in the form of reviews and testimonials that tell prospective audience members what they can expect from you. Why Social Proof Matters Social proof is…

Where the Sales Funnel Ends, the Customer Lifecycle Extends

The point where the customer makes up their mind and buys your product isn’t the end of your journey with them. It’s only the beginning. This is the key principle behind Customer Lifecycle Marketing. It’s an approach that builds an authentic relationship with customers where businesses meet their needs every step along the way. The…

Should You Ditch The Sales Funnel?

More and more businesses are ditching the traditional sales funnel model and adopting the Customer Lifecycle Marketing Model. Customer Lifecycle marketing is a more organic and effective approach. But does this mean that you have to dump the sales funnel completely? Not necessarily. A good way to think about it is that Customer Lifecycle Marketing…

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