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Who is your business about?

WHO IS YOUR BUSINESS ABOUT? I’m not asking about your ideal client. That’s not the question this morning. The question is WHO is it about? The answer is a four-word sentence. IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU. We sometimes forget that as small business owners. Yes, we have payroll; yes, we have quotas; yes, we have people…

Don’t tell it all at once

Conversations are a two-way street.  When you’re at networking functions, do people tend to verbally vomit on you when you ask what they do? Or is it you who gives the long soliloquy? Well, let me tell you a secret … that’s not the point of the question. It is a polite inquiry. They are…

Same coach — new business

Sometimes opportunities present themselves quite unexpectedly, and in retrospect, the timing can actually be perfect if you’re paying attention. It has been said numerous times that entrepreneurs should have multiple streams of income.  Accordingly, in response to the numerous compliments received on my jewelry worn during my weekday morning business broadcast on Facebook,  I have…

Why corporate policies must allow for compassion

A young mother shared this story on the web… Our carbon monoxide detector sounded on around 3am. We opened windows and doors to circulate air. Eventually, we noticed smoke coming from the hot water heater, which is natural gas. So, we shut that off and decided to err on the side of caution. At 3:38…

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